About Us

¿Who we are?

The one stop solution of all your property development needs


We are a dependable, loyal, fully insured company with more than 15 years of experience

Providing various services within the property management and development industry, that includes commercial cleaning / landscaping / snow removal.  In addition to construction / remodeling projects throughout the state of Connecticut and surrounding states.


Our objective is to offer high quality customer care in all our products and services, through our commitment to exercise an all-hands-on approach to continuously motivate the team in meeting the goals of all our clients.

We continue to research new and innovative opportunities.

Our Value

Why we are different.


A company dedicated to providing integrated solutions and an extensive array of commercial real estate maintenance and construction services to meet the needs of the market within the retail, office, industrial, commercial property management, and development industry.

We are the “one stop solution” to a wide array of maintenance, remodeling, repairs, and construction service’s needs.

We are dependable, and capable of multi-tasking, and minimizing inconveniences and maximizing productivity at an affordable cost. We provide quality service, with a strong commitment to budget needs.


To continue the grow within the industry. To become a partner with other property managers, property developers and construction management companies to assist in achieving the overall goals. To establish further relationships with companies where we can assist them in utilizing our professional knowledge from property maintenance to engineering services.

Working with allied contractors that can help serve to meet customer’s needs in one call.

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After submitting your service request, a member of our team will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment